Saturday, June 20, 2015

Dorm life as an adult & What College Orientation really is.....

My first step into adulthood occurred this week!! I took my very own little girl ( yes!! The same one that was adorable driving her pink Barbie jeep, precious playing with her many American Girl Dolls and the beautiful little girl that spent hours playing school, restaurant & mommy with me in her playhouse!) It was awful! Truly awful!! I keep reminding myself to remember how blessed I am that I got to go with her to orientation & spend the last 18 years being the best & most attentive mom around!
You know the pictures they show on the college website of parents & students with arms linked fluttering through campus together? Ummm.... Not so much fluttering arm in arm going on! When you arrive ... You immediately drop your sweet child off (mine did sneak me in to put the sheets on her bed correctly!) and they send you packing to your dorm! Since they don't think adults want to share a room... They put you in a "Private" room! So basically I was in a 5x5 prison cell with a very small window, horribly uncomfortable squeaky bed, sink & bathroom in the outer area of the suite! Please picture the white walls!! I watch far to many Criminal Mind episodes for this scenario!! Luckily the schedule is beyond jammed packed so not much time at this point in the room!!
We head to the large meeting area (we get to meet up with our kids... Yea me!!) I even had the opportunity to join the Parent Associaton ... I'll even get to go up in the fall to help out!! It's the ultimate room mom experience! I'm a pro at being the room mom, Sunday School leader, Prom helper & more... So I'm excited! I have a purpose!!! We get about an hour with our dear little ones & then we are sent off to separate meeting areas once again.... This pattern cycles on for 3 days!!! Yes 3 days!!!
The nights were crazy!! All alone in a cell with no color & no tv!!!!! Oh my!! The first night I went & bought snacks & drinks for Lex to get to at least see her dorm!! The 2nd night I took candy & more drinks! I even snuck doughnuts to her one morning!!! Even with my adventures ... The nights were lonesome & kinda scary! I haven't stayed alone in a house for 18 years or so!!
I did survive! My Criminal Mind flashbacks never came true.. I was safe! I even slept the 2nd night. I'm pretty sure lack of sleep from the first night & being totally drained emotionally helped!
The last day it poured & I mean the flash flood type of rain!!! We were soaked all day! The kids were soaked all day! They kept us totally away from our kiddos on this glorious rainy day!! We went to meetings all day! It was very informative but overwhelming all the same!
We were finally reunited when Lexi snuck me back in to take the sheets off, help her pack up & turn in all of the required "turn in stuff"!!
It did make me feel a bit better to meet some other moms in the same boat as me!! We are all scared & sad!!
August should be an adventure for all of us for sure! I've been reading another book .. This one on your daughter going to college! It's really good. I will do a review on it soon in case it might help you!
Happy Weekend!!!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Summer 2015

I've been on a blogging hiatus for so long... it was not meant to be. It just happened. Life got in the way! Not only have I been on a blogging hiatus but a creating one as well. I just haven't been motivated to create and get items listed in my Etsy shop, participate in shows or even have trunk shows in my home! It truly was a year that flew by.
Lexi was a Senior and I don't think I've ever been as busy as I was this past school year. Making sure every minute was spent making memories before the big "off to college!" Working on Project Celebration. Meetings, meeting & more meetings for her Senior Class Moms! Promenade, Prom, After Prom, Senior Awards Night, Graduation Party, Baccalaureate, Senior Breakfast & finally culminating with Graduation and after graduation dinner!It was a very full Spring! I'm so thankful that I got to be apart of every single minute of it and didn't miss a thing.
Now that Senior Year is over and Graduation day has come and gone.... I have time to blog. I hope I still have some readers out there! We have a fun filled summer planned making memories, enjoying "Parent/Student Orientation" ( I haven't stayed in a dorm in many years), a girl's trip to NYC with 3 of the 4 girls, hopefully a beach trip, a girl's American Girl Art camp and more!Getting the dorm ready and perfect. This summer the adventures will provide something to write about! The Fall may be filled with "Ways to Stay Busy when your Daughter is Away at College!"
I should have some new jewelry designs out soon! I've started creating again.
I've put the party planning on hold this past year and I'm ready to start back with the parties! We need some Birthdays to come our way!!
I'm so excited to be back with Covered In Glitter so I hope you join in on reading about our Summer adventures and new jewelry and card designs.
I'm leaving you with a book review... I have found a new romance author that is fabulous! Katy Regnery. She has a series called The English Brothers (The Blueberry Lane Series) They are so good. I've read #'s 1-5 and I'm about to begin #6 tonight! If you are in the mood for a light, carefree, easy romance read.. you'll enjoy reading about The English brothers!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Pretty in Pink Valentine Tea Party & Art day....

Pretty in Pink Valentine Tea Party & Art....
             Girl's Valentine's Art Event
           ( Kinder - 5th grade girls welcome!)
         Sunday - February 9th -  2:00-4:30pm
   Join us for a Fancy Tea Party & 3 Art Projects!
 We will be creating 3 Art pieces using a variety of mediums!
After an afternoon of creating it will be time for a Fanciful
Tea Party... Complete with sprinkles & Magical Pink Punch!

Each girl will receive a pink tote bag to carry her Art home! 
All the supplies to complete 3 gorgeous Art pieces!
A Fanciful tea party & photo op!
(Minimum of 5 to hold event.)
Register early to save your spot... 
Email Jennifer at
Registration is open now & closes when we reach the maximum number of girls or February 1st!

2014 Swap....

Let's begin creating & connecting with each other in 2014..... With a "Heart" swap!
Create 10 "Hearts" about the size of your hand! Let's keep the color scheme in wintery whites, creams, lace & such! You choose the medium... Fabric, decoupage.... It's up to you! Just no thin simple paper hearts please!!
Have fun be unique & creative!
You will create 10 "Hearts" and mail to me by January 24th! I will then package them up to send to you the first week of February so we can display them for Valentine's Day!!! please include $7.00 cash for shipping with your hearts!!
Email me if you would like to play along .... sign ups will close January 8th or when we have 10! I will let you know the final number (not to exceed 10) on the 9th!
Happy "Heart" creating!!!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Petticoats On The Prairie

It's always fun to head out West to Colorado City, Texas for Petticoats on the Prairie! I love visiting with old friends & making new acquaintances! Mom, Lexi & I (and this time my Aunt Stephanie) enjoyed setting up our booth & meeting new shoppers!
My favorite part of Petticoats is teaching the Make & Takes! This year I taught a Mixed Media project... "A Captured Camping Fairy in a Jar" loved creating with the ladies & seeing how they made the project theirs! I found some adorable mini camper images for them to customize to their camper to include in their creation!
A few of my favorite pieces went home with new ladies this show... My vintage military altered coin purse got a new home, one of my signature Texas teapot doll head necklace heads to East Texas, my favorite key necklace heads out West to another jewelry designer and others found new homes as well! I do get so attached to some of my creations more than others & love when they go home with someone so will love them as much as I do!
I have some new items that I'm creating as special orders that I'll be posting soon so you can get yours ordered & back before Christmas! Vintage inspired "Wedding", "Baby" , "Family" & "Christmas" wreaths!
Hope your weekend was as fabulous as ours!
Oops.. I didn't realize I can't post pics from my IPad :( Pictures of our class to follow!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I can't believe it's 2013.. Where does the time go?

I can't believe... I haven't posted since November (after my new blog make-over and my promise to myself to post) Oh well.. It's a new year.. I can start fresh!

 I have so many new adventures in the work for 2013... I hope you follow along on the journey!

A few things in the works...
  * "Covered In Glitter.. Makes Your Wishes Come True!" A party planning business in the Aledo/Ft. Worth area to bring the fun to you! Complete with hand-created invitations to the party either brought to you and hosted by us or just delivered to you. We begin the planning back in October and we will have our first advertisement in the Aledo High Yearbook :)
  * Covered In Glitter Vintage inspired note cards, special occasion cards & invitations.
  * new Jewelry designs will be featured seasonally beginning with Valentine jewelry coming soon...
  * Covered In Glitter classes and events... A valentine class featuring a valentine mail box, cards, a paper doll and more will be the first class of the new year.

Lots of fun new adventures are on the horizon... Once again.. I hope to post regularly and have some structure to the posts.. We will see...

Friday, November 23, 2012

Catching up... State Fair of Texas

I am Thankful that I have a fabulous new blog... I'm sad that I have neglected it.. so I'm determined to build a blog following and post regularly. So rather than wait until the New Year and make a resolution to post regularly.. I am going to begin my resolution today! I will do my very best to post regularly and post some helpful tips and advise for other Artists, Imaginative Souls, Fashionistas and anyone who is willing to read my daily happenings.
So here goes.....
                                                 State Fair of Texas~ October 2012.
 I entered quite a few Art entries into the Fair this year. I placed with 10 ribbons!! I got my first BLUE ribbon... I was over the top excited. I always wonder how the sweet ladies choose their winners. My Blue Ribbon.. 1st place was not the project I would have choosen for 1st place but I'll take a Blue Ribbon anyway I can get it.... I always love going to the fair but since I had Art showing this year.. I had to go. Fall was very busy for us with shows and life... so we went on the very last day of the fair and to top it off the week before Big Tex had burned down :( So we did not get to tell him "Howdy!" We did get a picture in front of his spot and took a few pictures of his memorial.. never seen a corn dog memorial but hey.. It is the State Fair of TExas! The pictures of my projects turned out kinda blurry.. but I'll post a few...
                                                       xoxo, Jennifer
Mimi & Grandad love to go with Lexi and I to the Fair each year. Grandad also does the pick up of my stuff for me....
Where is Big TEx??
Lexi and I ... Our usual Big Tex picture spot....Big Tex is missing..

Big Tex' memorial site.... The Corn Dog bouquet.. makes me laugh.

Mimi and our Texas Nachos.. one of our favorite fair food.. You have to have Texas Nachos, Fletcher's Corn Dog, Fried Bacon & Cotton Candy.
My Blue Ribbon project.. An altered Christmas Tree.