Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Life as Mother of the Bride: Lexi's Dress

The dress....
Friday, September 28, 2018... The beginning of Lexi's 22nd Birthday weekend. We took the day to go Bridal Dress shopping. Today was the first day of 3 that we had appointments scheduled. We had a Dallas day, Ft. Worth day and Lewisville/McKinney/Plano day planned. I did realize during our dress hunt and planning that you must have an appointment to try on Bridal dresses. So it's hard to get more than two Bridal Boutiques in a day! Today Lexi wanted to start with the Bridal Boutique in Lewisville on the adorable town square that she had heard fabulous things about from the bloggers that she follows. We arrived early in the day and she discussed with her consultant what she was thinking and they pulled about 10 dresses out for her to try on. The first few she liked but they just weren't "Lexi walks down the aisle!" Dress # 9.... the look on her face changed! Her face was radiant... My mom and I looked at each other and we all knew... This WAS the dress that Lexi would walk down the aisle in! It was amazing and it was oh so.. Lexi! She said YES to the dress! All the other appointments were cancelled. She looked at Veils and headpieces and found the most magnificent crystal head band type piece that matched her dress and veil perfectly. That can later be turned into an heirloom bracelets or any other piece of jewelry.
I learned lots during our wedding planning. You order your dress and it takes months for it to arrive for your 1st fitting and then the alteration process begins! You certainly don't go home with your dream dress the day you find it! Thank goodness because another thing I learned.. the dress is amazingly nerve wracking to have at home! No one can see it, you don't want it wrinkled and it's huge!!! We left knowing her dress should arrive at the end of December or early January.
Lexi now has her dress so she set out to find the perfect shoes. She did and they are beautiful. Thank you Nordstrom!
We got the call on Wednesday January 23, 2019.. The dress has arrived.
We made plans to try and pick up her dress on Wednesday, January 30, 2019 at 5:00 pm at Bridal Boutique. Mom got the task of keeping the dress safe at her home until we take in in for alterations!
Alterations began on Saturday, February 23, 2019 at 1:00 pm at Mier's Bridal Gown Atelier next door to Bridal Boutique in Lewisville. It came with high recommendations! 2nd fitting April 4th at 5:00 pm, 3rd fitting Wednesday, May 15th at 5:00 pm and final fitting and pick up Friday, May 31 at 1:00 pm. The dress is fabulous and fits perfectly!!!
Lexi couldn't have made a better decsion on where to shop for her dress or the dress that she choose. It is absolute perfection!

1st Stop Bridal Boutique...

Ready and waiting.

Mimi and Lexi

Mommy & Lexi

Dress #1 ... cute & bohemian

Dress #2.. 

Dress # 3..

Dress #4..

Dress # 5.. I like the top 

Dress #6

Dress # 7.. The train is cute and long..

.. more train

Dress # 8.. we are getting closer. Love the bottom.

I'm loving watching Lexi.. but she hasn't found the one...

Almost ready to say.. Yes.. to the Dress.

Lexi's Dress.... you can see the look on her face

It's gorgeous and it hasn't even been fluffed.

Look at that face!

She knows .....

She said Yes... to the Dress!

She's ready!!!

Walking out.. we saw the perfect veil!

She said yes! 1st store.

We are so excited.

It's amazing & so, so Lexi

That dress....


The veil..
The shoes! The details are gorgeous!

Monday, July 8, 2019

Life as Mother of the Bride: We have a Florist and Day of Coordinator!

It seems like just yesterday the proposal occurred.. but it was actually 3 months ago!
The Bridal Party has been choosen and said "Yes!" The Venue has been chosen and booked.
Tuesday, July 17, 2018... We have a Florist and Day of Coordinator! Tammy Bell from T & T Flowers. 
Lexi had very strong thoughts on what she wants her flowers to look like on their wedding day. We needed to find a florist that was a perfect fit! She must be able to take Lexi's vision and make it a reality! Lexi has her visions, she has her pictures and she has her vision board. So the stage is set.. we just need someone to re-create that vision.
Lexi has also been very adament that we will only have a Day of Coordinator and I will coordinate the rest of the wedding (make that our wedding tribe.. Gig, Mimi, Brandy, Farren and I!) She has always loved her birthday celebrations, baby and wedding showers that we have planned so it's only natural that we would help her and take an active roll in planning their big day! 
We felt truly blessed when we realized our florist is also a coordinator and is willing and excited to be Lexi's Day of Coordinator. We will have the plans, ideas, decorations and all our special details ready and Tammy will take over when she arrives putting them out and coordinating the rehearsal morning and making sure the day goes smoothly!
((Since I'm going back and time and writing about our wedding adventures.. I can tell you .. Tammy & her team met and exceeded our expectations. We booked Tammy in July 2018 and we chatted on the phone from July until the wedding day and we met at her shop to chat and make sure we were on the same page this spring, When it was time for Bridal's Mimi and Grandad went and picked up Lexi's amazing Bridal bouquet. When I was nervous the week before the wedding that the littles might need to practice being in the wagon and pulling the wagon she let them stop back by and pick it up for us to practice with. So helpful! So amazing at creating the perfect floral arrangement. Lexi's bouquet, the bridesmaids bouquets, corsages and boutonnieres were all amazing. 
On the Wedding day.. Tammy and her girls arrived for the rehearsal Sunday morning and guided it along seamlessly, set up the flowers at the ceremony site, set up all of the pictures, signs, guestbook table, favor table, bubble table, the huge backdrop & added the flowers to the top, the mantle, centerpieces and more! 
When it came time for the wedding to begin she kept us on schedule, calmed nerves, corraled the wedding party and more. 
Tammy was such a huge part in making it a perfect day!!! We couldn't have made a better choice.. so thankful we found Tammy and her shop.

Lexi and her gorgeous bouquet. You can see Bop peeking out from the charm & her A-Phi pin.

Lexi's bouquet

The cake's flowers

Table numbers and centerpieces

Succulent favors "Let Love Grow!"

Rhett & Collyns practicing with the wagon.

Collyns stayed in the wagon magically!

Friday, July 5, 2019

Life as Mother of the Bride... The perfect venue....

The search for the most magical venue!

Venue # 1: Hidden Pines Chapel in Highland Village
Thursday, June 7, 2018 we (Lex, mom & I) visited Hidden Pines. It is a beautiful venue with an amazing indoor chapel for the wedding ceremony and a beautiful area for the reception. We loved the look of this Wedding Venue but Lexi really wanted an outdoor ceremony. Yes... outdoor in June in Texas! ((which turned out magical)) We were also concerned that the chapel is on a major road and there was no area for outdoor photos. She decided to keep looking. It was certainly a possiblity but she really felt their perfect venue was out there somewhere!

Hidden Pines has a gorgeous brick front but it sits off a major road!

Mimi and Lexi making memories..

Lexi and Mom

Chapel.. beautiful. Lexi was set on having an outdoor wedding (even in Texas!)

Great photo wall.. Lexi's dream was lots of white interior.

Reception area.. love the floors and lighting.

Venue #2: Firefly Gardens in Midlothian
Wednesday, June 20, 2018 we (Lex and I) visited Firefly Gardens. Since I grew up in Cedar Hill and so much of our family is still in Cedar Hill, Duncanville & Midlothian.. we thought Midlothian might be perfect for her wedding day. Callaway has family in Waxahachie so it was conveneint for everyone.
We loved the reception area! The chandeliers are amazing. The walk to the ceremony location under the pavilion with an amazing chandelier was fabulous. There was even a swing a few feet away that would have been perfect for pictures. We really loved this venue but there were a few things that we really wanted to be a little more magical. The bride and grooms suites were in a seperate building, it wasn't quite as secluded as Lexi had dreamed of. We did love this venue and it would be perfect if we didn't find something that met all the points on her checklist.
Front of venue.. gorgeous

Lexi standing at the ceremony site

View of ceremony site

The gorgeous back of the venue.. what you see when walking back up to the reception after the ceremony.

Reception.. gorgeous and lots of white.

Venue #3: The Springs: Parker Manor in Weatherford
Thursday, June 21, 2018 we (Lex, mom & I) visited The Springs: Parker Manor and The Lodge. Lexi wasn't interested in the Lodge but we looked around since it's on the same property. Parker Manor was still in the construction stage.. their first wedding wasn't scheduled until July 19th. 
The moment we saw the front of Parker Manor.. I truly think Lexi knew this was their Wedding Venue! We entered to see the fabulous chandeliers, an amazing staircase & bridal and grooms suite that was truly amazing and great for hair and make up. 
Then we walked out to the ceremony site and it was truly magical. The setting was amazing. So calm and serene. The overlook from the alter was amazing. The lush green grass and foliage was beautiful. It was the perfect setting for Callaway and Lexi to begin their forever and always.
She said "Yes" to the Venue! 
I guess because I just knew this was the one venue for Lexi when I saw her eyes light up.. I think I took the least amount of pictures! Obviously.. I knew Bridals and the actual Wedding Day would have many, many pictures of this truly amazing venue!
Parker Manor: A plantation style manor. Amazing front.

The ceremony site is absolutely gorgeous. The trees are gorgeous for the backdrop.

Mimi and Lexi looking off of the balcony.

Lexi looking out to where she can see herself marrying Callaway.

The gorgeous inside of the reception site. The amazing chandelier and staircase.

The venue wasn't finished when we toured but it was beautiul already.

So exciting that the Venue has been chosen and the planning can officially commence! What an amazing time the next 12 months will bring!