Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Beach Vacation~ Summer 2012

Enjoyed a fabulous time at the Beach! Love Florida each summer~ we always alternate between; Pensacola, Panama City, Destin or Ft Walton on our way to Disney each summer. This year we spent extra time at the beach and skipped Disney. I know Lexi is getting to old to go every summer but I think Mickey missed us! The weather was fabulous and we had a low key vacation of beach time, wave time (even with my Jaws comments non-stop.. Lexi loves the waves!)reading, journal making, shopping & eating! We had a fabulous time. The journal mom and I created to document our vacation is super cute. Mine isn't quite finished but I'll add the pics when it is. Some of our fun included: Dinners out....
The waves....
Great seafood...
Junkin... ((Loved the wall outside the fabulous but pricy antique shop!))
Still time for a few more summer adventures! Be on the lookout.. my blog is getting a facelift! So excited that Karen Valentine is giving it an updo!!!! Sometime in the next few weeks! I have a few new teaching dates and vending events set up for August, October & NOvember! I'll be posting about it and my new adventure soon! xoxo, Jennifer

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Where Bloggers Create .. Part 3... (Last post)

Had a few more photos.. I really wanted to share.

The top of my favorite cabinet. Love this doll...

One of my many birdcages filled with laces & LuLu crown and wand that was featured in Create With Me.

My vintage doll carrier that holds lots of vintage cabinet cards & photos. Love this storage idea!!

Have to have a TV.. even though it's not vintage. I love General Hospital and Gilmore Girls to create with. My new addiction is creating with CSI late at night.. so I DVR lots of episodes.. I keep more laces below my TV and a letter B that I'm in the process of decoupaging with our marriage certificate (Pinterest idea). Thanks so much for looking at my room!!! xoxo, Jennifer

Where Bloggers Create part 2!

Where Bloggers Create part 2.... (( I was having trouble with overload of photos!!)) More of my Studio....
My desk.... 

3 tier wire standing rack from Hobby Lobby!! I love it.. It is so convenient to just grab the laces that I need. It sits right behind my desk :)

My wooden 18 drawer cabinet of goodies also from Hobby Lobby! I have it filled to the brim with my stamps, jewelry findings, ephemera and so much more!! Love the lace jar on top with my "good stuff", some of my favorite glitter, my glitter packs that I send with purchases from my Etsy site and when you are in my classes, Lexi's first pair of heels, a lovely vintage photo of a girl that is so sweet. My refurbished tin with my favorite photo of my grandmother Gig and a mini canvas from last years "Christmas in July" that I hosted. Mendy Mitrini taught this class.. It have my grandmother & grandfather in their younger military days.. Love this picture of Bop and Gig!

The front of my desk with my Wish Banner.. Love the mini toe shoes that hung in my room when I was little, a vintage pair of decorative ice skates and Lexi's ballet shoes from about age 3.

The cabinet next to my desk that holds another batch of lace, my favorite china head doll, vintage eye glasses, my collection of vintage silverware that I create with, more ephemera and my collection of very old celluoid graduate dolls.

Where Bloggers Create party.....

Here is a my studio! I love my new studio.. I have recently taken it from ALLL PINK to creams and lace. I got alot of my inspiration from Karen Valentine's studio and was so excited to meet her in March at Petticoats on the Prairie Spring Show on the Road in Waxahachie, Texas. I'm having a horrible time with the new blogger this week. This is my 3rd attempt at posting. So we will go with it this time.. even if the pictures don't mesh with the descriptions!!! Hope you enjoy looking at my little place in paradise! I love heading into my Art Studio to create, read or just watch tv. It is my favorite place in our home! It's full of vintage lovlies and photos of my favorite people! Dolls... lots of dolls which I love! Enjoy.. I can't wait to look at your studio! Feel free to follow my blog if you would like. I hope to blog regularly and keep you coming back! xoxo, Jennifer
My Pottery Barn bulletin boards that I redid with cream and lace.. It had been a bright pink & green. I love my vintage photos that rotate on my board. Vintage toe shoes adorn the side. I love vintage horse or fair ribbons and have one hanging on my board. I collect them.
My Covered In Glitter manequin that lives in my room and travels with me to my shows and Art Events. Her sash changes color according to the event. I'm working on a cream/lace sash for her. She is LULU!
My computer desk... It stays very full with a few vintage jewelry boxes that hold many baubles and vintage jewelry to repurpose. A 3 tier lace holder. My Cricuit is hiding behind everything!
My chair.. totally inspired and still a work in process from Karen's chair!!!
The top of my desk (where I create) you usually can't see the top! Today's work is a summertime journal.. I've been working on for an upcoming class!

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Friday, July 13, 2012

Girl's 50's Rock Art Camp~ June 2012

I Love Lucy! I love Happy Days! I love The Beaver!! So... what would be more fun that watching re-runs all summer.... Hosting a 1950's themed Art Event for girls! 4 days of fun! We collaged, painted, journaled, beaded and more! It was a very fun and very pink week of 1950's inspired art! Lexi helped me each day! Mom helped on Paper Doll day and Gig helped on Malt party day. The final day of camp was the perfect time for a Malt party! Complete with hot dogs, chips, chocolate/vanilla malts & 1950's dancing! What a great time and the girls looked adorable in their 1950's attire! Can't wait until our next Art Event.... Just a few of the many photos... I'll post more later of all of the projects.

Where Bloggers Create 2012 Party!

I thought Karen Valentine's Where Bloggers Create 2012 Party would be a great place for me to start back to blogging! I have so much to blog about and just can't seem to get it done! So I am going to play along with the Bloggers Studio party! I'll post pictures of my Scrapbooking Room/Craft room/Art Studio.. depends on the day as to what I call it!! Maybe this will give me the push I need to start blogging regularly and maybe pick up a few new followers and follow a few new blogs!! xoxo, Jennifer