Saturday, July 14, 2012

Where Bloggers Create part 2!

Where Bloggers Create part 2.... (( I was having trouble with overload of photos!!)) More of my Studio....
My desk.... 

3 tier wire standing rack from Hobby Lobby!! I love it.. It is so convenient to just grab the laces that I need. It sits right behind my desk :)

My wooden 18 drawer cabinet of goodies also from Hobby Lobby! I have it filled to the brim with my stamps, jewelry findings, ephemera and so much more!! Love the lace jar on top with my "good stuff", some of my favorite glitter, my glitter packs that I send with purchases from my Etsy site and when you are in my classes, Lexi's first pair of heels, a lovely vintage photo of a girl that is so sweet. My refurbished tin with my favorite photo of my grandmother Gig and a mini canvas from last years "Christmas in July" that I hosted. Mendy Mitrini taught this class.. It have my grandmother & grandfather in their younger military days.. Love this picture of Bop and Gig!

The front of my desk with my Wish Banner.. Love the mini toe shoes that hung in my room when I was little, a vintage pair of decorative ice skates and Lexi's ballet shoes from about age 3.

The cabinet next to my desk that holds another batch of lace, my favorite china head doll, vintage eye glasses, my collection of vintage silverware that I create with, more ephemera and my collection of very old celluoid graduate dolls.


  1. Hi there's so nice to come by here and peek into your creative space. thanks for sharing....I'm taking part in the blog party today too...hope you'll swing by to visit with me, if you can! There are so many links on the list!

    I adore your WISH banner! How charming is that!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  2. Thanks so much Carmelina!! I'll head over to your blog!!!

  3. I adore the WISH sign with the ballet slippers. So charming!

  4. SO pretty. I love that you change your mannaquins sash. The colors of lace and ivory are fab!

  5. Great vintage vibe in your studio. So pretty, thank you for sharing.