Friday, October 2, 2009

My Scrapbook Room! I love it :)

Another thing on my to-do list was to post pictures of my scraproom! I finally got them uploaded to Flicker today!

Let me tell you a bit about my Scrap room and I will post one or two pictures here and you can see my slide show for the rest.

I totally adore anything vintage~ especially vintage dolls and postcards. I have so many of my own vintage dolls so they are mixed in with the ones I have picked up the past few years at antique stores and Canton!

My scraproom has 3 desks~ one for my computer/printer/Cricut! The top is covered with vintage "stuff" I love it!! One desk houses my soldering stuff! Above that desk is a bulletin board from Potter Barn that I have filled with family photos~ I love it! My colors are pink, teal and lime green. My 3rd desk is my scrap desk~ it is really large and painted my favorite color pink! David bought it for me last year for my Birthday! It is really great! It also houses my sewing machine and glitters. I have a corner shelf filled with "stuff!" I have a small bookcase that has my most current scraping and altered art books and magazines! Tons of pictures fill the room. I also have a small tv in my room to watch my favorite show~ General Hospital on while I create!! I do so love my scraproom!

I love Raggedy Anne! Celebrate Raggedy Anne's Birthday!

I had planned to participate in Raggedy Anne's Birthday Blog Party in September but never got around to taking my Raggedy Anne photos! Well... being home with Lexi the past few days I finally got them done. I love Raggedy Anne and Andy! My first birthday~ many, many years ago was Raggedy Anne themed! I did Lexi's 1st Birthday in the same Raggedy Anne theme! It was so cute! I took photos of all of my Raggedy's and all of Lexi's Raggedy's! We have quite the collection. I'm working on an altered Raggedy Anne craft~ maybe I will finish tomorrow and can post pics of it as well! I'll post a few pictures here and the others are in my flicker slide show!

Lexi's Sweet 13 "Breakfast at Tiffany's Birthday party!"

We celebrated Lexi's 13th Birthday with a "Breakfast at Tiffany's~ Audrey Hepburn" Birthday party with the cousins! We had a nice afternoon! The decorations, craft (collaged frame), cake and friendships worked out great! Lexi is celebrating with her girlfriends from school next weekend at a Dallas Hotel, Dallas Restaurant and day of shopping! I think Lexi's birthday was great! We got the sign in our town painted or fabriced :) Lexi wanted zebra themed with pink writing! So we put up fabric and used hot pink duct tape~ quite creative if I do say so myself!! She got pink roses on the morning of her birthday and the flu on the evening of her birthday :( So her girlfriend party had to be moved to next weekend! Not so fun but all in all a great 13th Birthday!

Lexi's Birthday and Sweet and Sinister Swap

I really wanted to post regularly but life simply got in the way!!! I'm home today with my little one (my 13 year old little one!) Her birthday was Wednesday and she got the flu as a surprise :(
I finished up my Black and White Sweet and Sinister Swap this week and got it mailed out on the due date~ October 1st! Why I always redo my swaps the week they are do rather than mailing early is crazy!!! I hope Grace likes what she gets! I'm going to post some sneek peeks later today! I think it turned out cute! On Monday evening I found a super cute black and white cigar box that I just had to alter and use in my swap!!! I had found a great pair of vintage gloves a few weeks back and found a way to brighten up the presentation of them~~~ "Diamonds are a girls best friend!" It was so fun! I can't wait for Grace to get it in the Big Apple~ It had guarantee delivery in 2 days which I just realized is Saturday and I mailed it to her work :( So she probably won't get it until Monday!!
I'll be back to post pictures later!