Friday, October 2, 2009

I love Raggedy Anne! Celebrate Raggedy Anne's Birthday!

I had planned to participate in Raggedy Anne's Birthday Blog Party in September but never got around to taking my Raggedy Anne photos! Well... being home with Lexi the past few days I finally got them done. I love Raggedy Anne and Andy! My first birthday~ many, many years ago was Raggedy Anne themed! I did Lexi's 1st Birthday in the same Raggedy Anne theme! It was so cute! I took photos of all of my Raggedy's and all of Lexi's Raggedy's! We have quite the collection. I'm working on an altered Raggedy Anne craft~ maybe I will finish tomorrow and can post pics of it as well! I'll post a few pictures here and the others are in my flicker slide show!


  1. What a collection! I love it! I just picture you ad Lexi having tea parties together with the Raggedy cuties! Thanks for sharing! I'll host more Raggedy Parties! Just follow, if you're not already, and check in! I have some things planned for October!
    Hugs & Thanks for sharing! I enjoyed my visit with you and the dolls!


  2. ps- I love the Tommy & Kelly one. I've been looking for that for years! I kick myself in the pantaloonie patooty for not getting that set when I first saw it. I had no idea at the time it was a limited edition! I now know about Limited Editions and "Collection" sets! I had to comment again because I just love your collection! And that quilt is so s.w.e.e.t!

  3. Thank you for taking a look! I became familiar with the Limited Editions when I missed out on a few Barbie sets that were limited!! Now I try to buy it when I see it or I have regrets later on!!
    Thanks for the sweet comments! Yes~ we loved tea parties! I have the cutest Raggedy Anne tea set that just didn't make the cut in the pictures I posted!
    The quilts are great keepsakes since my grandmother made one for each of us!! I love them!
    I will go add myself as a follower to your blog! I love it!!
    Thanks again,

  4. Wow look at that fabulous collection!! To me you win the Prize! Better late than never right? I am so glad you finally posted about them. Hugs Garce