Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Beach Vacation~ Summer 2012

Enjoyed a fabulous time at the Beach! Love Florida each summer~ we always alternate between; Pensacola, Panama City, Destin or Ft Walton on our way to Disney each summer. This year we spent extra time at the beach and skipped Disney. I know Lexi is getting to old to go every summer but I think Mickey missed us! The weather was fabulous and we had a low key vacation of beach time, wave time (even with my Jaws comments non-stop.. Lexi loves the waves!)reading, journal making, shopping & eating! We had a fabulous time. The journal mom and I created to document our vacation is super cute. Mine isn't quite finished but I'll add the pics when it is. Some of our fun included: Dinners out....
The waves....
Great seafood...
Junkin... ((Loved the wall outside the fabulous but pricy antique shop!))
Still time for a few more summer adventures! Be on the lookout.. my blog is getting a facelift! So excited that Karen Valentine is giving it an updo!!!! Sometime in the next few weeks! I have a few new teaching dates and vending events set up for August, October & NOvember! I'll be posting about it and my new adventure soon! xoxo, Jennifer

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  1. I love Florida ! looks I like you had some fun and great seafood . I live in Fayetteville N.Y last year we had the most snow recorded in the states ! We visited the dry tortugas off the coast of key west greatest snorkling ever!