Saturday, August 4, 2012

Road trip with the girls... (Gig,Mom,Me & Lexi)

We headed out for a fabulous girls weekend! Lexi wanted to see the Olympics of Awesome Concert in Oklahoma and mom & I had been wanting to visit the Paper Crown... so a road trip was in order. We loaded up the SUV and headed North!
While we were gone.. I got word that my new blog was ready.. Isn't it beautiful.. I love Karen's work!
It was quite the adventure... I had chosen a hotel (hmm. I use the term loosely) because they were having a great renovation special price! Mom kept asking me if I was sure it was a "nice" hotel. Well.. of course it is! It's the Biltmore. Really Jen Hayslip had an event at the Biltmore in North Carolina! Just for the record.. All Biltmore's are NOT created equally :)
So we arrive and I think.. hmm.. doesn't really resemble the pictures on the website.. I enter.. there is no air conditioning.. I think it's like 110 outside! 2 things that set my asthma over the top.. smoking & animals! Well they not have one but both.. in the lobby. So we cancel and head out on an adventure of finding a new & improved hotel.
((Did I mention there are lots of road closures due to all the Wildfires in the area...))
But all is well.. We call and book our night at the downtown Colcord Hotel... super nice complete with fuzzy robes and room service! So we were happy girls!
Mom and I had been wanting to visit and shop at the Paper Crown Scrapbook Store in Oklahoma City! Since we were in town.. We found it and did our shopping. They had a huge selection of new product. We got a few new goodies to creat with when we get back home. I'm totally in to creating mini books and journals.. so lots to create with. Loved getting to see Girdie~ I read about her often on their blog.
Next stop... the reason we are even in OKC... The concert! 3 upcoming musical artists
are on tour.. The Olympics of Awesome.
Another adventure in Jennifer travel adventures. Did you know that OKC has more than one library. This concert was at a library... They have a concert tomorrow night in Deep Ellum~ much closer to home.. but not the best neighborhood or venue for a 15 year old. Oklahoma was much better & warranted a road trip. So we drove around for a while, a long while but got to the concert~~ early!! Did you know people just hang out in the library, play on the computer, have family get togethers... the people watching was fabulous.
The concert finally got started and it was Fabulous! I had no expectations because I had never listened to them.. but they were really good. I had just as much fun as Lexi. They all played their music and then had a meet & greet at the end. Such nice guys!

Lexi all ready to meet the guys.

Jason Munday

Alex Carpenter

Landon Austin ((shh.. Lexi's favorite))

Next stop.... dinner! I had Facebooked about our Road Trip and found out about a fabulous Mexican restaurant.. Ted's... It really was one of the best Mexican food we have had.. and we've had alot! They bring a fabulous light queso, the tortillas were fabulous... a great meal!

No Road trip is complete without a lot of nighttime driving around a town you totally know nothing about... but it sure is fun. We drove all around OKC.. found a great area.. Bricktown.. really close to our hotel. I did miss the cupcake store that I was searching for until the next morning.. but we saw lots of great buildings and an IHOP for breakfast the next morning. Back to the hotel it is....
not the greatest lighting but the only picture I got of Lexi, Mom & Gig together.
We had a great nights sleep and I got to enjoy the warm, fuzzy robe.. Love this hotel!
The next morning we geared up for another day of adventure. First stop~ breakfast at IHOP~~ yummy! Then off to see the Memorial downtown.
Lots more driving around downtown. I had no idea that OKC had an "Asian town" complete with signs that read "Asian town".. very similiar but much smaller than NYC's China town! I really wanted a Bubble Tea but didn't find one.
 Another one of my FB friends mentioned that we should visit a great boutique in town.. Cloverleaf! Oh my.. My kind of store and then I found out they had two locations.. Wow.. The displays are great. I took a ton of pictures....
1st Cloverleaf.. downtown OKC~ lots of great clothes. We got quite a few things for back to school!
Everything is PINK!!! I love it.....
Next stop.... Turner Falls! I have always wanted to visit Turner Falls... So we decided to make a stop for me to see it.. Really wish we had our bathing suites. It would have been a great way to cool off from the heat. The falls are really low on water it seems.. But still very pretty. My driving on the small mountains (or large hills) scared Gig & Lexi pretty good!!! :)
The falls (lacking lots of rushing water!) Mom & I were the only ones who braved the heat for a photo op....
After hearing on Facebook that CloverLeaf had another store on our way back to Texas with lots of cool furniture.. we decided we had to stop! The front yard was a hoot... so cool! You couldn't miss it that's for sure.
The first thing you see from the street.. a huge PINK ice-cream cone! Yummy
a sea of beautiful PINK bikes... Love!
a doll on a PINK bike.. greatness
a man on a PINK bike.. weirdness.

a great vintage PINK trailer...
a fabulous PINK chair fitting for a Princess. It could be yours for the low, low price of 900.00
CloverLeaf... Just wait till you step inside. (No pictures allowed inside)
Mom & Lexi.. look at all the greatness before you even step inside!
The trip was a fabulous success even with a few of my crazy blonde travel moments!! We had a great time, made great memories, ate yummy food, heard great music, shopped at some great new stores, got some fabulous new school clothes, enjoyed a fabulous hotel (with fluffy robes) & enjoyed seeing some great sights.
Hope you enjoyed traveling along through the pictures.


  1. How fun! Looks like you had a great time. And I love your pretty new blog design! ♥ Tracy

  2. What a wonderful trip I know it was fun by your post. My daughter and I love road trips together. Stopping by to say Hi from the blog hop. Come visit sometime, tea is cold and no shoes are required. Kathy B. New follower from Austin TX

  3. Glad you had fun in Oklahoma! I haven't been to the Cloverleaf in Ardmore, just the one in OKC - I'm going to have to make it a point to stop next month on my way to Texas. Quite an adventure you had!