Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving 2012

Happy Thanksgiving 2012
I am thankful that Lexi and I have the week of together to celebrate the holiday. We pack lots into the week that we are on vacation. Yesterday we enjoyed a "spa" day with Gig... getting our nails done. I was also able to get my bonus closet cleaned out, my laundry room redone and Lexi's bathroom redecorated.. I felt like we accomplished tons yesterday. Today was our "Dallas day!" Mommy daughter day at our favorite mall~ Northpark! Lots of Christmas shopping done.. for one special person :) Lunch at our favorite salad stop and a Bubble Tea to top it off! Tomorrow will be errands, hoping to purge and reorganize my Art Studio, baking and lunch with Gig. Thanksgiving Day will be filled with the Thanksgiving day parade watching, family time at Gigs and lots of eating! Black Friday... more shopping and putting out the Christmas decorations. A free weekend to fill with fun and hopefully lots of Creative time!
I hope everyone has a fabulous Thanksgiving week!
xoxo, Jennifer
Had a fabulous time on Sunday... I taught a private Art lesson on Collage to an aspiring Artist. One of the local Art teachers had given her my name & number. It was great fun creating a collage for her Art Portfolio.. it turned out fabulous.. but my picture didn't :( Hopefully she will post one soon.) She had asked me to think of a nature theme.. we ended up going with a Bohemian/Nature theme. The colors are great, we incorporated a fairy image, a bird nest and great bird that matched the colors perfectly. I also taught her how to incorporate Beezwax into her work... she loved the new technique. Added some flowers to finish it off and ta da... a fabulous piece for her portfolio. I can't wait to do some other lessons.. what a fun new avenue to explore.
Happy Creating!
If you need some one-on-one lessons.. send me an email!

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