Thursday, November 22, 2012

New York! New York!

My little girl turns "Sweet 16"........
I can't believe my baby just turned 16. It feels like she was just "driving" her little pink Barbie jeep around Bop & Gig's driveway and her Barbie Harley motorcycle! I thought that was stressful but that was a piece of cake compared to her driving a real car!!! I can't believe she is already 16 and a Sophomore in High School.
Lexi got a pink car from Mimi & Grandad... she's trying really hard to act sweet and not disappointed!
She was beyond excited to walk outside and find her "real" new car! It's not pink.. but it matches her outfit so she's happy!!! David & Grandad are at the top of her list!!
I had decided that a girl's trip to NYC would be much better than a car (David overruled the no car :)) But the trip was beyond fabulous!!! We had so much fun. We shopped till we dropped.. Tiffany's on 5th Avenue on her Birthday, Forever 21 that was open until 2:00AM.. and it's 4 stories~ amazing!, Eating at the most unusual and fantastic restaurants that the city has to offer, Little Italy on her birthay, China Town and bubble tea, more shopping, Hell's Kitchen, SoHo, Tribecca, FIT~ a tour of the Fashion Institute, in the audience at Kelly & Michael show, more shopping, Central Park, Broadway on her birthday night to see Mary Poppins, Serendipity for Frozen Hot Chocolate & Chocolate Cake for her actual birthday dessert, more shopping, Statue of Liberty, the Pier, the list goes on.. we packed a lot into 4 days!
(Just a few pics of our Girl's Weekend of Fun)
Mimi & Lexi enjoying shopping in the city.
The cutie Italian waiter singing Happy Birthday to my girl on her Sweet 16 lunch in Little Italy... They brought her out Chocolate Covered Strawberries to celebrate!
Serendipity after Mary Poppins on Broadway.. Frozen Hot Chocoalate & Chocolate Cake! Yum..
Lexi at her favorite store... Headed in for a Birthday treat! Nothing beats a blue box!
Our last day in the city.. we are trying to get a few last hours of fun ~ shopping and a bit of sight seeing before we head back to Texas!
We had a fabulous weekend. Lots of great memories were made and I think mom & I made it back to the top in Lexi's eyes... what more could you get for your Sweet 16.. a car & a trip to New York City!!
Thanks for sharing in our Birthday memories!

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