Friday, November 23, 2012

Catching up... State Fair of Texas

I am Thankful that I have a fabulous new blog... I'm sad that I have neglected it.. so I'm determined to build a blog following and post regularly. So rather than wait until the New Year and make a resolution to post regularly.. I am going to begin my resolution today! I will do my very best to post regularly and post some helpful tips and advise for other Artists, Imaginative Souls, Fashionistas and anyone who is willing to read my daily happenings.
So here goes.....
                                                 State Fair of Texas~ October 2012.
 I entered quite a few Art entries into the Fair this year. I placed with 10 ribbons!! I got my first BLUE ribbon... I was over the top excited. I always wonder how the sweet ladies choose their winners. My Blue Ribbon.. 1st place was not the project I would have choosen for 1st place but I'll take a Blue Ribbon anyway I can get it.... I always love going to the fair but since I had Art showing this year.. I had to go. Fall was very busy for us with shows and life... so we went on the very last day of the fair and to top it off the week before Big Tex had burned down :( So we did not get to tell him "Howdy!" We did get a picture in front of his spot and took a few pictures of his memorial.. never seen a corn dog memorial but hey.. It is the State Fair of TExas! The pictures of my projects turned out kinda blurry.. but I'll post a few...
                                                       xoxo, Jennifer
Mimi & Grandad love to go with Lexi and I to the Fair each year. Grandad also does the pick up of my stuff for me....
Where is Big TEx??
Lexi and I ... Our usual Big Tex picture spot....Big Tex is missing..

Big Tex' memorial site.... The Corn Dog bouquet.. makes me laugh.

Mimi and our Texas Nachos.. one of our favorite fair food.. You have to have Texas Nachos, Fletcher's Corn Dog, Fried Bacon & Cotton Candy.
My Blue Ribbon project.. An altered Christmas Tree.

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