Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Day at Gig's... Family dinner!

Thanksgiving Day 2012.....
I love family get togethers. Our family is quite small with me being an only child and only grandchild. Many years its just Gig, Mom, Grandad, Lexi, David , Tommy, Stephanie, BJ & me. Our extended family is large but we don't usually see them at Thanksgiving and not so much at Christmas these days.. everybody has such busy schedules and crazy lives and a few are just crazy :)
This year we had a few additional family members join us so we had a full table .. Jaffee, Jarod & Ron joined us. Jaffee went shopping this morning and arrived with an armload of Thanksgiving decor for us to decorate with and create a festive holiday table!
I'm thankful for our family... (Yes.. my hubby is here.. he is the photographer!)

 We had food coming out of every nook & cranny of Gig's house. The table was full, the side tables were full and the kitchen was overflowing. We are very blessed to have more than enough food.

The dessert table had to become two tables.. Lexi is working on a school project and baked 3 goodies to include in her project.. a chocolate chip, orea, brownie mixture that was fabulous, a salted toffee mix pie and a butterfinger pie so yummy! Stephanie brought her famous Fruit Pizza and candy cane brownies. Mom made cherry dump and coconut pie. Gig made lots... Strawberry shortcake, pecan, pumpkin pie and more. Jaffee brought Key Lime Pie.. one of my favorites.. Wow.. the desserts were incredible.
It was a fabulous day of family, friends, food and lots of good fellowship! So glad everyone could be a part of this special day.
A few pictures of our special Thanksgiving Day~~ 2012... Thanks for sharing in our memories.
                                                               xoxo, Jennifer

Mommy & Lexi.. ..Thanksgiving 2012
The Girls... Mimi, Lexi, Me, Gig, Jaffee & Stephanie

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