Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Summer Girl's Art Camp Projects~ Sneak peeks!

The pictures above are a few of the projects we will be doing in ART Camp next week!
Registration is still open~ there are spots available! I will have to close registration on Saturday so I will have plenty of supplies on hand!!
The flowered bag, "Dream" book (art journal~ everyone's cover will differ!) and small jar "Inspiration/Creativity activities" are what all girls will be getting and creating during ART camp week!
The other images are the "Beezwax collage"~ each girl will choose their own papers and images so they will differ!! The "Altered Bird Trinket box!" The "Paper Mache house" which is shown undecorated~~ so you can be surprised at how each girl chooses to decorate theirs! Their paper dolls will go along with this activity! I will post more pictures later! This was a sneak peak for you!!


  1. Ahhhh, they are all so cute!!! What a fun time they will have. :)

  2. Thanks :) I think we will have fun and leave with some great unique creations!!!