Friday, December 24, 2010

My Creative Endeavors for 2011!

My creative endeavors for 2011 are filling my mind! I really want to get my online store up and going.. it's almost there! I also want to take time each and every day to create! I am going to try to achieve this with a daily art journal similiar to Shimell's Christmas project! We will see how well I do! I will post about my adventures in daily creating/journaling!
My big online adventure is a monthly Swap! I will be hosting a monthly swap! You can participate each month (if the swap isn't full!) or just occassionally when the swap fits your fancy! Some months the swap will be one for one and other months the swap will be a group swap where you will create a multiple # of items. I will set number limits on the group swaps! I hope lots of my creative friends will want to play along!! The swaps will be high end swaps~ pull out your good "stuff" and create at a quality that you expect to receive and would want to display in your home!!
The big endeavor that I have had in the works for over 3 years hopefully will play out this year~ My Covered In Glitter weekend Art fun! The theme is set, the location is almost set ( I meet with them next week), the date is set (but I keep changing it :() I have my 2 teachers in mind~ I just need to contact them and see how things get going!!! This is big on my Dream Board!!! Hopefully it will work out like I want it to and 25 ladies will join me for a fun filled Creative weekend in Cowtown!
I have also challenged myself to actually post regularly on my blog!!! Which I really want to do! We will see.. This thing called "Life!" just keeps me super busy!!
Merry Christmas everyone on this Eve of Christmas Eve!!

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  1. I'm looking forward to hearing more about your creative weekend! For reals!