Saturday, February 12, 2011

March Swap

Swap a Month for 2011!
January's swap~ altered bottles was wonderful! I'm working on the post now of the amazing bottle pictures!!
February's swap~ Bird swap is in the creating phase now!
It is time to announce and sign up for March's Swap~ This one is a Tussie Mussie swap! What is a Tussie Mussie you ask~ it is a delightful display cone that can be used to hold flowers, candies & trinkets.
You create your fanciful tussie mussie from a sturdy paper mache base and embellish it with a variety of vintage papers, ephemera, ribbons, rhinestones,dresden, vintage findings, crepe paper, tassels & fringe.
I would like ours to be quite fancy!! Remember less is just less~ so add tons of fun!
This will be a one for one swap~
You will create one Tussie Mussie and receive one in return.
You will add lots of embellishements to your creation! Make it something that you would want to display in your own home! Pull out your good stuff! You can go with a Vintage Easter theme, a Victorian theme, Shabby Chic ~ you can ask your partner what colors they enjoy or just create from the heart something that you would love! No bold colors though! Keep in vintage , victorian or shabby chic!
You will fill your Tussie Mussie with a bit of Vintage ephemera that can later be used in your buddies future projects.

Sign ups will open today February 12th and go through February 18th. I will send your your parters information on February 20th. You will have until March 20th to create your Tussie Mussie. Please mail the week of March 21st so that your buddy will have it in their hands by April 1st.
If you have any questions just drop me an email or comment below.
I look forward to swapping with you!!!


  1. hi jennifer!
    i would LOVE
    to play along
    in your swap!!!
    please add
    me to your list!!!
    happy valentine's

  2. Jennifer, I'm finally caught up with work and other swaps... I definitely want to play in the March swap! Yeah!

  3. im in jennifer.
    looks like a fab swap!

  4. I'm in too! I want to be in all the swaps if you will have me!

  5. Hi ladies! I have ya'll all down!! Oh Hope... I always love having you in the swaps!! I'd love for you to be in each months!!
    Can't wait to see who else joins us!! Lexi really thought more people ( our non-art friends) would ask what a Tussie Mussie is :) She thinks the name is hilarious :)
    Happy Creating!

  6. Hi Jennifer, I would love to join in! I was just looking at a Tussie in my craft room yesterday....fate!

  7. Great Heather!! Love to have you!!

  8. am i too late for tussie mussy ? if so, that's okay. I've been buried in Girl Scout cookies for 5 days ! blessings to you Jennifer -
    working on my birds tonight ! hugs, jill

  9. Hi Jill~ I'm running behind sending partners out! So you aren't to late at all!
    I'm working on the partners now.. I'll send them either in a few or tomorrow!!
    I've been finishing up birdies as well!!
    Girl Scout Cookies are so yummy!! Love them!

  10. I know~ isn't it so true Karla! I think I first heard it used at Gilded with Shea! She hit it right on the mark and then it just kept coming up at Silver Bella!! Gotta love it!

  11. Hi Jennifer…
    I just read about your tussie mussie swap…is it possible for me to still get in on this one????
    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to participate!!!
    Please let me know and I will get right to work….
    Thank you!!!
    Hope to hear from you!!
    Ps..I will also send you an email just in case!!!