Sunday, December 27, 2009

Merry Christmas

I can't believe it has been so long since I posted :( I was determined to keep my blog updated regularly and post pictures of my creations!!)
I have had a very busy few months. I'll try to recap a bit!
October was filled with Lexi's Birthday day party and Halloween fun~ Lexi was the cutest Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz ever!!
November will busy will crafting, Gig's birthday and Thanksgiving! I decided to get my jewelry together for a craft show in Aledo the first weekend of December! I did it!! It was very successful and a lot of fun! I also sold quite a bit of jewelry to the teachers at school! I love that my little endeavor is finally getting out of the starting gate!
I'm trying to decide what my next step is for my jewlery making~ I'm thinking of getting a booth at the local antique mall??? We will see! Maybe I will post some of my stuff on Etsy!
I'm also really wanting to begin teaching some altered art classes! I had my first "craft day" last Tuesday with a group of about 8 ladies from school. We were able to create a domino necklace, a cross plaque and a altered bird box! We had a great time and can't wait to get together again~~ I had many more crafts planned for the day~ we worked way toooo slow! Lots of fun talking and chatting!
Christmas was wonderful~ Lexi had another wonderful Christmas!! She got all that her heart desired! One of her favorite gifts was a lovely engraved compact that my dear friend Grace in New York sent to her~~ she loves it and has shown everyone!! Grace had given me one during out October swap and Lexi loved it... so wanted to take mine even with the "J" initial. She was sooo surprised when she found one in her stocking! Thanks again Grace!! Your a doll!
We even had a "White Christmas!" It was beautiful! It did put a damper on our Christmas Eve and Christmas Day plans but it was great fun! I even convinced Gig and mom to spend the night on Christmas Eve~ it was a great night and morning! I think we should have a white christmas each year!!
Yesterday I got to visit with my high school girl friend that now lives in New York~ we had a great time. We had lunch at Mercardo Juarez and just had a great afternoon visiting and catching up!
I will post pictures soon!
I'm wanting to get a "Paper Doll journal" swap started this month! I have some artists that I love their work that I would really like to join~ we will see... I will send emails out soon!
My 1st New Years Resolution will be to blog daily!!! My inspiration is Theresa McFayden's blog and Nienie Diary and quite a few others... I love Jessica and Jennifer's blogs! My 2nd New Years Resolution will be to actually attend Silver Bella this year. Mom, Lexi and I had planned on going last year but with David's hospital stay~ we missed registration!!! Hopefully this will be the year of Silver Bella!!
Talk to you soon!
Happy Holidays!

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  1. Welcome back to blog land! lol I am glad you had a wonderful Christmas and Lexi loved her mirror. Cant wait to see pictures but at least this is a "huge" start. Grace xoxoxox