Tuesday, January 19, 2010

January 19, 2010

I still haven't kept up with my New Year's Resolution to blog daily!! But the year isn't over yet! I need to get some of my new layouts posted as well as the jewelry I have been creating! I'm trying to get enough of an inventory togehter to put some on my Etsy page! The teachers at school have been my best customers :)
We had the day off today! Lexi and I enjoyed some shopping and lunch at Central Market~ what a fun day!
The long weekend has been wonderful! It started off Friday evening with a group of 12 ladies from school over to craft! We created marble coasters with some great images~ I did a "Paris theme!" We also created our "2010 Dream Boards!" It was the most fun enjoying fun times and crafting with a lovely group of ladies. I can't wait for our next craft night! We have successfully met in January and February~ hopefully we can keep it up. We were even able to convince mom to spend the night~ a sleepover party!
Shopping and a trip to Cedar Hill filled our day on Saturday with the 4 generations! Loved the fun.
Another one of my goals for 2010 is to get on a design team~ so I'm trying to get some of my work posted and keep my blog updated regularly! We will see. I just found out there is an Art Event in Dallas in February~ how fun! I'm not sure we can make it but at least the art world is trickling to Texas~I'm not sure how Utah and Nebraska even Georgia has gotten the art world to locate in their area! :)
Talk to you soon! Sweet dreams!

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