Tuesday, April 6, 2010

OH MY!!!!!!

Oh my goodness!!!!!! I have been dreaming of attending Silver Bella in Omaha, Nebraska for THREE years!!!! This year my dream has become a reality!! Mom, Lexi and I are going! We just registered!! I am over the top excited!!!
I cancelled my hair appointment to get registered (those who know me.. I NEVER cancel or reschedule my hair!!) I was able to get us into the classes we wanted!!
We will be attending classes with Sally Jean Alexander~ the ultimate guru of soldering! I'm speechless!! Beth Quinn is another of my all time favorite artists~ she incorporates so many of the old german doll heads that I love! We will be creating with her! That just names a few of our teachers. We will also have an opening class with THE TERESA MCFAYDEN!!!! I love her work! I have taken many of her online classes!
Can you tell I'm excited.. just a bit!

((I know I promised pictures of projects for Summer ARt Camp! Hopefully I can now focus and get those up!))

Stay tuned~~~ I am posting a give a way this week!!! Waa Hooooo~~ A Paper Cowgirl Give a Way!!!

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