Monday, April 12, 2010

Weekend fun!

((Pictures will follow soon!))
We spent the weekend in the "almost" Hill country! Lake Whitney!! They were having a county wide rummage sale! I had never seen nor heard of such a thing! Almost every house in the county had a yard sale going on! I found some amazing antique items to alter or use in my classes and booths! Silver platters for $1.00~~ amazing!!
I have been on the ultimate search for box springs for a project!! We found my box springs~ I was wanting about 12! I have 66 springs :) I can create for days! Tommy and Stephanie took the box springs apart for me~ with Lexi's help! It was quite the chore... David and I would have never accomplished the task :)
I will post pictures of some of my fun finds soon!
I'm also working on getting pictures up for my Spring/Summer Girls Art Camp!
I'm perpetually behind schedule!! It doesn't help that we shop all day Saturday every weekend and I can't get everything done on Sunday!
This Saturday we are going to Antique Alley in Cleburne. I can't wait! 25 miles of antique and vendor fun... A smaller version of Round Top!
Pictures will post soon!

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  1. Hi Jennfer...I wanted to come by & say hello before we meet @ PC...I am sooo looking forward to it! Hope you didn't get too wet @ Antique Alley this weekend.