Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Amazing Weekend!

I had the absolute most AMAZING weekend!!! I'm so behind on posting for the Girls Art Camp (I did get my flyer postcards in the mail today!! Very exciting! I plan to drop them off at a few boutiques in town tomorrow!)Even though I'm behind I'm going to skip it for now and tell about the amazing weekend!!
On Friday night~ we went to the Ranger game! We enjoyed grazing throughout the game! The Rangers beat the Cubs! Fireworks were after the game!
Saturday~ family/work picnic~ very, very windy!
Saturday evening!!! The most amazing evening ever! The teachers from Paper Cowgirl met at Ann-Denise's home (lovely home!) ((I only thought I had a lot of apothocary jars!)) She had decorated so cute for the get together! The food was amazing! The gifts precious~ she made each teacher a decorated doll with a sash that reads "Paper Cowgirl Instructor 2010. We also received a yard stick tied with tulle~ because "Your help was unmeasurable!" Very creative! She has an amazing body form in her living room to hang vintage clothing on!! Love it! The ladies were just great! We chatted about past Paper Cowgirl events, other events they have attended, Silver Bella and our own crafting experiences! It is such an experience to sit around and chat with ladies that have the same interests as you and really "get you!" I love crafting with my monthly ladies group~ but I know sometimes they just don't "GET Me!" These ladies are on the save "ARTSY" wave length! Mom went with me to help~ she loved it too!! We got to know Cindy "Paper Cowgirl Guru" a bit better~ she is hysterical! I know she will make Paper Cowgirl a wonderful experience~ she is paying attention to every little detail! Ann-Denise~ a truly amazing artist! We got an up close and personal look at her PC project!! WOW! I was excited but know I'm estatic!! They are the most wonderful muslin vintage boots! She also shared stories of teaching in New Jersey~ she taught with Jenny of Everyday is a Holiday!! I was very impressed! I had to keep shutting my mouth so my tongue wouldn't hang out! Angela was great~ she creates wonderful beaded jewelry! She is also very funny! Sandra was another amazing lady! She is another true artist! I was looking at her project for PC~ amazing!!! I loved chatting with her and hearing her decorating stories! It was truly an amazing night!
Sunday~ I had a booth at a local shop's Grand Opening! I had created lots of new jewelry for the show! It was an interesting afternoon!
All in all a wonderful art filled weekend!
I will post pictures soon~ hopefully! I have ordered a portable photo shooting box! I'm hoping my pictures will turn out better for my jewelry and scrap/altered art pictures!
If you lasted through this very long, long post!
Happy Creating and Talk to you soon!!


  1. Jennifer, it truly was a pleasure to meet you and your mother at Ann-Denise's crafty night! So great to laugh and chat and create together. Good luck in your new booth. See y'all next month! ~ Angela

  2. Jennifer! What lovely words and I had the best time meeting you and you mom as well! I can't wait to have you both in class! We are going to have so much fun! Good luck with your girls camp~looks like so much fun!
    XXO, Ann-Denise