Thursday, July 15, 2010

I love summer creating!!!

I love the freedom to create during the summer! So fun......
Here are a few jewelry pics... other media pics to follow...


  1. Hello Jennifer~
    I am your Silver Bella big sister! I am so happy about that. I have been looking over your lovely blog and am just so enthusiastic about meeting you and giving you inspiration along the way. We have a lot of creative juices that seem to be on the same page so I am sure we will become fast friends! So I guess for this first little meeting I would just ask if you have any Silver Bella questions? Are you in any Silver Bella Swaps....oh it is just the best!!! Can't wait to meet you....just so you know....I might be from a little state (Indiana)....but people might say I do it up TEXAS style!!!

  2. hey doll
    super cute jewels.
    cant wait to see ya in October, and November.
    woo hoo
    have a great weekend.