Tuesday, January 11, 2011

February's Swap!

Can you tell I'm catching up on blogging tonight?? It was a New Year's Resolution to blog regularly! So I'm determined! It just might take me a month or so to get it "right!"
If you've read my posts.. you know I'm hosting a monthly swap! Each month has a different theme! I'm rotating between 1 to 1 swaps and group swaps!
This month January~ is an Altered Bottle Swap~ I'm so excited to post pictures of all the wonderful bottles.. be on the lookout for a post around the 1st of February!
Since I'm hosting a swap a month... We will be in the middle of one swap when I announce and take sign ups for the next months. I hope it doesn't confuse anyone ( I know I confuse everyone :)) I really do have it organized though... my madness has an order.
Sooooo.... February's Swap will be a group swap. I totally am in love with Birds right now. I have a tree that lives in our bedroom and I have been wanting to decorate it with adorable birds for a while! So this is the time...
February's Swap will be a bird swap! You will create no more than 7 birds. This is a group swap but I am limiting it to the first 7 people who sign up. You can create your bird out of fabric, heavy cardstock, chipboard, grungeboard! It needs to have some dimension... If you create out of chipboard or something of the like~ make sure you add lots of "stuff" to keep it a bit dimensional and fun! Sewing it out of fabric or a combination of fabric, paper, cardstock~ is great as well. You need to have some way to hang your bird. The bird needs to be about 5-8 inches long and wide... You can also get a bird and alter it! Let's keep the colors to shabby chic~ vintage colors... pinks, creames, light blues, greens, gray.
Sign ups will run from January 12th -January 20th. (or if we fill up before then.) I will email you on or before the 21st with a list of participants so you will have an exact number of how many you will create (no more than 7.) Your birds will be due to me by the 21st (that will give you at least a month to create your bird and get it mailed off!) I will then get them packaged and mailed back out so you should receive your 7 birds before the 1st of March.
The birds will make a great Spring decor!
If you have any questions~ please email me~ jennifer.babcock71@gmail.com
I look forward to seeing who wants to play along this month!!!


  1. Count me in!!! I want to play....swapping is one of my New Years Resolutions!

  2. I'm in! I'm loving birds right now too! Hooray!

  3. Yea!! Hope and Heather!! I have ya'll down! I'll email you with all the information when the swap sign up closes!! :)

  4. Please count me in ! How fun to be with fellow SB girls. Thanks for such a great swap Jennifer

  5. I want in!!! I love birds and I am itching for a swap!

  6. Hey, Heather...If you still have a spot I'd love to participate...

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  8. Jill and Heather B ~ I have ya'll down!
    Stephanie let me check with the others~ if everyone is ok with making it 8 we are great!!
    I'd love to have you. I will get back with you ASAP!!

  9. Hey Jennifer, I know that you have had a busy weekend, but wasn't sure if I missed an email about the rest of the swap details?

  10. Hi Heather! Just sent!!! Sorry~ I was waiting to see if everyone was ok with 8! I'm going with majority!! Hope that is ok!!!
    You should have an email!!
    Happy Creating!

  11. I sent everyone an email with details :)
    Jill and Stephanie.. will you please send me your email address! Jill ~ I need your blog address as well!!
    Thanks so much for playing along~