Sunday, September 4, 2011

I love the State Fair of Texas!!!

((My very favorite project... My Valentine Assemblage with a crown, dress form & gloves!! It was my favorite and it didn't even place!!! I guess my taste is a bit different than the judges!))
((My Halloween table decor~ won a Ribbon!!))
((My 4th of July decor~ won a Ribbon!!))
((My Vintage Wedding Scrapbook pages with Nanny & Daddy Jim ~ won a Ribbon!!))
((My Vintage School Assemblage with Gig's High School Picture & Bop's Report Card~ won a Ribbon!!)
((Snowy Cottage in the Woods Christmas Ornament~ didn't place!!))
((State Fair collage~ I love this project~ It has Bop's Fair Ticket from the 1930's, Tommy's Ticket from the 1950's & Lexi's ticket! It really went with this year's theme!~ It won a Ribbon!))
((Christmas Stocking~ It won a Ribbon!))
((Easter Collage~ It won a Ribbon!))
((Mardi Gras decor~ Totally not my color theme!! Didn't win!!))
((Bottle Doll~ No ribbon!))
((Thanksgiving decor item!))
((Happy New Years decor item~ Won a Ribbon!))
((Christmas Tree~ I created a vintage tree & put it into a baby shoe!!~ Won a Ribbon!))
It was fun creating all the fun stuff~ some of the categories.. I pulled from this years projects!!! So much fun! Can't wait until next year!!
Happy Creating!

Since I was a little girl~ I have loved going to the State Fair of Texas! I've passed this love on to Lexi!! My favorite part of the day is grazing... love the corny dogs, Texas shaped nachos & cotton candy! I also love the Creative Arts Building!
Last year I decided to enter a few Artsy Crafty items into the fair... I got 2 Honorable Mentions!
This year I decided to enter.. I think 15 items!! I actually placed with 9 items this year.. Very exciting!!! :)
It totally gives me an excuse to "Have" to go to the Fair!! Not that I really need an excuse... it is a yearly tradition!
Here are some of my projects.....


  1. Someone has been very, very busy! Congratulations too!

  2. And you totally deserved all those ribbons. You rock!

  3. Wow! Great projects! CallyAnn